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Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

A shooter deliberately targeted a surgeon using an assault weapon he bought just a few hours before his rampage that left the surgeon, another doctor, a receptionist, and a patient dead, and many more injured.

Just To Walk That Little Girl Home


In fact, despite the names of these products, research shows that these baby "walking" aids don't help babies walk sooner, can hinder their progress toward the first steps, and even disrupt a child's natural gait.

During these months of practice, most toddlers take a few spills, but this is part of learning to walk. You can't protect your little one from every fall, but you can reduce the risk of injury by only allowing exploration in safe areas (and away from furniture with sharp corners and other hazards).

Give your child lots of things to do and see. Take walks around your yard and the neighborhood or visit a local playground. At home, you can make an obstacle course of pillows or boxes and encourage your child to walk, climb, and crawl through it. Buy a few balls to practice kicking and throwing.

Having a child is a memorable experience that has been the inspiration for many beautiful, tear-jerking country songs. Your baby girl, the one who wrapped her little hand around your finger, that's who these songs make you think about.

Being a daddy's girl is a special bond between a daughter and her father, and MaRynn Taylor makes sure we know how much her dad means to her. In the video for this song, there's actual footage from home videos of her and her dad when she was younger.

The song talks about a daughter that loves her dad and the relationship they share. What makes it even better is that she wrote it as a gift to her father, who also wrote a song for her when she was little. Get ready to grab a tissue!

There may be traits about yourself that you don't like and things you've said and done that you're not happy to admit. Yet and still, your little girl is a bright spot that is indeed the best part of you.

These are the best country songs about daughters that you could use for a daddy-daughter dance, to walk your girl down the aisle at her wedding, or just to listen to! You can't help but tap your feet, smile, or shed a tear as you sing along to these country legends letting us know just how much they love their daughters.

Robin Doan (at age 10 ): To talk about what happened this morning.... I have a question. Do I really have to talk about what happened this morning again? Because I've told people and told people, and it just crushes me every time I say it ... I can't really talk about that again.

Robin Doan: I guess I kept playing games with myself in my head "When is my mom gonna walk outta there? When is Brian gonna walk outta there? Where's Molly?" ... I wanted all of my family to walk out of there, OK, just like I did.

Gary Henderson: How that bullet missed Robin, I do not know. ...It struck a little drawer next to her bed. Zach had been shot three times laying in his bed. Appears Zach never woke up and Zach never knew what hit him.

Chad Brooks: She just blew me away. She completely flipped a switch, and was absolutely braggin' about her ... animal got first or second in this. And her brother got first and second with his animal. ...once we leave the corrals and that moment's over, the switch flipped again and it was right back to reality. And she's immediately back to -- cryin' and cold and she grabbed my forearm.

Robin Doan: Finally, like, I kinda got the courage to just come right out and say, "Mom and Brian aren't -- aren't gonna walk outta there, are they?" Broke the law enforcement people's hearts when they had to tell me no, that they weren't walking outta there; I was the only one that could walk outta there ... still alive. ...Zach never woke up. ...And he never -- he never knew what was going on. So I'm thankful that he didn't have a chance to hurt. I'm really thankful for that.

Gary Henderson: She never hesitated in her answer of "15 shots." And through the course of the crime scene investigation, 15 fired rounds were found inside the home. Somethin' that you'd hope no 10-year-old getting woke up at 3:00 in the morning would have indelibly burned into their memory.

Robin Doan: I just remember sitting there and I would just look at one casket and I'd look at the second casket, and then I would turn and I'd look at the third casket, and I would do it all over again. ...It wasn't fair to sit there and look at that.

Lynn Hancock: The anxiety and fear among the community went through the roof. People were afraid that there was somebody on the loose that could actually come into their home and do the very same thing. So people were certainly making sure their doors were locked. People who kept guns in their homes were making sure they were close by.

Michael Hall: We were looking at the ammo, the shell casing. And one of the other deputies there that does a lot of the crime scenes ... said, "I just took a burglar report from the night before, from -- Scott King ... just lives down the road." ...Well Mr. King had reported that his son Levi had come into the house while he was gone and broke into his gun safe and stole several guns. ...And some of the ammo was the same kind.

Erin Moriarty: Once investigators had recognized those shell casings, they had their suspect: 23-year-old Levi King. Law enforcement knew Levi King well. He had been in prison for burglarizing a neighbor's house and then burning it down. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but served less than three, before he was sent to a halfway house. He disappeared from that halfway house and was on the run just a week before the bodies of the McCools were found.

Joe Marr Wilson: The environment in which he grew up in and-- the-- just the overwhelming poverty and despair ...until we went up there and actually walked around in it, you just could not get a feel for it. It was-- truly frightening. ...The first thing you notice was just filth. ...The insulation was just black and melted. ...There was one wall that just had this massive display of ceremonial knives and swords. ...There was lots of guns and knives and -- you know, regardless of whether they had food or not there, they had money for ammunition.

Lynn Switzer: The defense did a very good job to paint Levi as this poor, pathetic, mistreated, sad, little person. ...There's a whole lotta other people out there in this world that have grown up in the same type of environment that Levi did or even worse than Levi did. And they don't go on killing sprees.

Robin Doan: I was gonna be sitting in front of a murderer ... who had killed my loved ones. And to testify -- I didn't want to. But I knew that I needed to for my family's sake ... I was the only one that got to walk outta that house. They didn't, and they needed a voice, too.

Robin Doan: I tried to avoid looking at Levi King as long as I possibly could. And finally, I couldn't resist the urge anymore because ... I wanted to see who had actually done this. And so I looked at him. And the stare that I got back was the worst feeling of my entire life... He is very cold. He is very blank. And essentially, it just felt like he was staring a hole right through me .

The hard part about Robin testifying was to see the pain that that precious little girl had to go through and endure. ...And then to see her say, "I've endured this. But you're not taking my life away from me. I am not giving you that kind of control."

Lynn Switzer Former District Attorney, Gray County: Probably the hardest part for people to deal with on these types of crimes, the randomness of it, the lack of motive, is to understand that there truly are people out there who are just plain evil. Levi King is one of those people. ...I'm asking 12 people to sentence this man to death.

Robin Doan: And just the look on Lynn's face that almost looked like -- that she had failed us. But she really didn't. ...Lynn Switzer fought for-- my family. And that's something that I will never be able to thank her enough. And all the law enforcement that was involved and sat on the stand. ...Either way, ultimately I had still won and my family had still won.

Pampa's home. It's where my mom and Brian and my dad all raised me. So, to leave, I felt like I was being a coward and I was running from my problems and running from what happened. ...It's not saying that I wanna stay there forever cause I don't.

Robin has to deal with nightmares still. She has to deal with ... repetitive memory of what happened to her. ...She told me all the time she remembered her mom screaming. ...There were times where she'd text me at night and say, "You know, I hear things going on." And she was very, very scared whenever noises would happen...And just because she doesn't show it on the outside, I think that she obviously has to deal with it on the inside.

The dates that are really hard are birthdays. ...Zach's birthday, mom's birthday, Brian's birthday. ...Even my birthday is hard because I don't like celebrating it without them. ...I just have those days where I want my mommy, or want my stepdad, or want my brother, and want things to go back to being normal and you just can't help but burst out into tears.

Erin Moriarty: Robin is now 21 years old. She's lived off and on with her biological father and an aunt, and now lives with friends. No place has felt like home since the day Levi King walked into her life. Robin briefly tried counseling, but she didn't find it helpful.

Robin Doan: I felt I didn't need to talk to someone. If I wanted to talk to someone, I'll talk to my family. Or put a law enforcement in front of me, I'll talk to you. But a psychiatrist? No, thanks ...I don't need someone to pat me on the back and tell 'em -- you know, ask me, "Well, how do you feel?" I don't need that. ...I don't expect you to pity me. And I don't want you to because that's not how I am. I want to be just like everybody else. 041b061a72

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