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[S2E18] Love Is In Your Face (1) PORTABLE

Meredith walks into Chuck's room. He's dying, so he wants to record some goodbye messages with his camera. Meredith holds the camera for him. She starts recording and Chuck tells Suzie, his college sweetheart and love of his life, that he loved her with his whole heart. He never would have stopped loving her if she hadn't been the vilest whore on Earth. She deserves that drunken imbecile she slept with and then married. At the reunion, Chuck met her ugly children and he knew she'd done him a favor. He's so happy he never has to see her face again. Chuck tells Meredith it's time for a fresh tape.

[S2E18] Love is in Your Face (1)

Meanwhile, Do-S successfully manages to brainwash all of Fubuki's henchmen, but Fubuki repels them back. Do-S asserts she's attacking Fubuki so that she can face Tatsumaki, but Fubuki tells her that whenever she's hurt, Tatsumaki will know. Right on cue, a monster lands in front of Do-S, with Tatsumaki arriving. Do-S orders Fubuki's mind controlled henchmen to attack Tatsumaki while she flees, but Tatsumaki easily knocks the henchmen into buildings. Tatsumaki lectures Fubuki that surrounding yourself with henchmen will cause you to become weak before flying away. When Suiryu and Sneck face off, Suiryu casually avoids Sneck's strikes. He taunts Sneck by telling him that he is ineffectual as a hero, and that he sought power with no particular agenda. Suiryu's nonchalant attitude enrages Sneck, but Suiryu knocks him out with a single blow as he muses that no matter what happens, the truly strong will always survive. In the post credit scene, Garou sees Watchdog Man, Saitama is in the bathroom, and a Dragon-level monster named Gouketsu is revealed to be the one who defeated Genos. Sweet Mask's concert is attacked by monsters, a group of monsters are attacking a hospital where Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master are at, a monster named Nyan looks for Puri-Puri Prisoner, but the prisoners reveal that Puri-Puri Prisoner escaped prison to fight against the monsters, and two monsters named Gyoro Gyoro and Orochi have captured Metal Knight.

As the years moved on and Mom & Dad moved homes nothing seemed to change. I would open the door, call your name, and would love hearing the familiar jingle of your collar as you would run down the hallway to greet me. You were moving a little bit slower, but I loved being able to spend time with you.

Jake is telling Jenny that he is doing something that is best for her. As he does, Peyton listens from behind and discovers that he is leaving. After being offered, Jake tells Peyton she can't go and won't tell her where he is going. He tells her how in love with her he is and wishes he could stay and asks for her to do one last thing for him. The following day, Taylor goes to see Nathan off who apologizes for what he said the previous night, as he accused her of sleeping around. She tells him she wishes she could start over but Nathan says she can. Taylor disagrees but says Nathan hasn't got a label and can be whoever he wants with or without Haley and to try and move on. Jake goes to the police station and hands himself in. Anna goes to see Lucas and tells him she told her parents who told her they still loved her. She then tells him she is leaving as wants to return to her old boarding school to face the rumors. The two hug and say their goodbyes over a game of 'horse.'

That night, Angel comes to the hospital with flowers, but Xander stands guard. They stand face to face and exchange threats. Angel taunts Xander about how he's still in love with Buffy and how jealous he must be that Angel got her first. Angel says that Xander standing in his way wouldn't stop him from going into Buffy's room, and Xander points out the guards, policemen, doctors, and orderlies. Angel leaves.

As Nationals approaches, Rachel's nose injury causes her to consider nose reconstruction. This brings the rest of the group's insecurities to surface, and Will decides to take things into his own hands and makes it an assignment to sing about loving yourself for your insecurities and flaws. However, Quinn doesn't agree. She's hiding something and Lauren's determined to find out what. Meanwhile, Santana hatches a plan to get Brittany back that also involves getting Kurt to come back to McKinley, but the only person standing in the way is Karofsky. 041b061a72

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