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Pothwari Sher Gujar Akram 15

Pothwari Sher Gujar Akram 15

Pothwari Sher is a form of poetic competition that originated in the Pothwar region of Pakistan. It is a popular cultural activity among the Pothwari people, who speak a dialect of Punjabi. Pothwari Sher involves two or more poets who take turns to recite verses on a given topic, usually in a humorous or witty manner. The poets are accompanied by a musical instrument called dhol, which sets the rhythm and tempo of the verses.

One of the most famous and talented Pothwari Sher poets is Chaudhry Akram Gujjar, who is also known as the voice of Pothwar. He has been performing Pothwari Sher for over 30 years and has won many awards and accolades for his skill and artistry. He has also participated in international events and festivals, representing the Pothwari culture and language.

Pothwari Sher Gujar Akram 15


Pothwari Sher Gujar Akram 15 is a video of one of his performances, where he recites verses on various topics such as love, marriage, politics, social issues, and more. He showcases his wit, humor, and creativity in his verses, which are met with applause and appreciation from the audience. He also engages in friendly banter with his opponents, who try to match his level of poetry and expression.

The video can be watched on YouTube or Facebook. It is a great example of the rich and vibrant Pothwari culture and literature, as well as the talent and charisma of Chaudhry Akram Gujjar. He is a true legend of Pothwari Sher and a pride of Pothwar.

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