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[S3E7] The Unicorn Fixed

Near the end of "Toffee", Star used the last remaining piece of magic in the universe that has not been corrupted by Toffee to give birth to a third Millhorse. Much younger than the previous two, this Millhorse has a white coat, a dark blue mane, a yellow horn, and a gold butterfly-shaped mark on its haunches. By "Deep Dive", this Millhorse has grown to the size of an adult mare, and the other unicorns in the Realm of Magic refer to her as the "Firstborn".

[S3E7] The Unicorn

Arvind Jain, Glean CEO and Rubrik co-founder, started Glean in March 2019 to make it easier to find answers strewn across myriad SaaS apps. Prior to Glean, Arvind had an incredible run at data security company Rubrik which he co-founded in 2014. Prior to Rubrik Arvind was a distinguished engineer at Google. Glean became a unicorn last year having raised $100M in May from a list of iconic investors including Lightspeed, General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia.

In the choir room, Kurt congratulates Brittany sincerely and she tells him that he is "the most unicorn of them all." Santana is to close this week's assignment and she says she has chosen a song that "gives her strength and gets her through." She sings Constant Craving, with Shelby and Kurt joining in as all three characters deal with their struggles along with Rachel; Shelby walks down the hall trying to deal with her mixed feelings for Puck. Kurt celebrates his father's victory while dealing with his own defeat, and submits his NYADA application despite lack of credentials. Rachel deals with her mistake and confesses her involvement in rigging the school election. The final moments of the episode show Rachel announcing to New Directions and Troubletones that she rigged the election, and has confessed to Figgins, meaning Kurt will not take the blame. As punishment, Rachel has been suspended for one week, the incident is going on her permanent record, and she is banned from competing at this year's Sectionals.

The stars of the show are the costumes, lifesized creations that look absolutely astounding on-screen. The hedgehog had real quills, the unicorn had a real rainbow mane, and the tree was really wooden.

Dora and Boots find Benny holding a magic wand. Benny was trying to do a magic trick with the wand. He was trying to turn a rock into a potato. Unfortunately, the rock didn't turn into a potato; Benny did instead. Dora tried to turn Benny back into a bull, but no luck. Benny thought he will be a potato forever. They told him not to worry and then had to figure out who can reverse the spell. Dora noticed that the magic wand belongs to the young wizard, judging by the picture of him on the wand. They had to find him to return his wand and so that he can turn Benny back into a bull. But the problem is that they didn't know where to find the young wizard, so they ask Map for assistance. He says that the young wizard lives in his castle. But to get there, Dora, Boots, and Benny had to go through the Magic Garden and through the Golden Gate. Map also mentions that they can catch stars along the way. Dora puts the magic wand in Backpack for safe keeping so that no one can steal it. After that, Dora and Boots got going but forgot that Benny was a giant potato and he can't walk. They had to find a way to carry Benny. They put Benny in a wagon. Dora and Boots together had to lift Benny the potato into the wagon. He got put in sideways, then he was stood up. After that, they hear stars of red, white and blue, and they saw a magic star that can disappear and reappear in many places. His name was Magico. Dora and Boots catch the stars and put them into the star pocket. Dora and Boots pull Benny in the wagon. They go down the hill and as they continued along the path, they hear Swiper the fox. Swiper manages to swipe Benny the potato (not noticing it is him) and launches him far away. Dora and Boots look around for Benny. They find an owl and a pineapple. Eventually, they find him. Then, he gets back on the wagon. As Dora and Boots got going with Benny in the wagon, he tilted back. They stand him back up and kept going. Not long after, they approach the magic garden. They spotted lots of things in the magic garden. They saw giant flowers, giant corn stalks, and giant tomato plants. They even saw a tree with pinwheels. Suddenly, there was no path top follow. Dora, Boots, and Benny thought they can ride the flowers up like riding an elevator. They ride on 4 different flowers up by saying "arriba". Once they got to the 5th one, they had to go down. So, they said "abajo". Soon after, they made it out of the magic garden. Now, they had to find out where to go next. They went through the magic garden. Now, they had to go through the golden gate. They all got going. Then, they saw a dragon who is fast asleep. They had to be very quiet. So, they sang "La Lechuza" with the owl to get past the sleeping dragon. Not long after that, they managed to pass through without waking up the dragon. After getting past the dragon, Dora, Boots, and Benny approach the golden gate. But the gate was locked. They need 7 keys to unlock the golden gate. They counted the keyholes first. Then, they find 7 keys. In no time, the keys each opened a lock which officially opened the golden gate. And the 3 went through altogether. Once through, they saw pixies and elves. So far, Dora, Boots, and Benny went through the magic garden and through the golden gate. All that's left to do is go to the wizard's castle. They couldn't find it. Luckily, Magico comes out of the star pocket and creates a hole on the tree. Sure enough, they managed to find the Wizard's castle. It is on top of a big hill. Benny wondered how they were going to get all the way up there. Dora, Boots, and Benny find a magic horse which was a unicorn. Dora asked if they can get a ride up to the wizard's castle. The unicorn said he'd be glad to and with a little sprinkle of magic, Dora, Boots, and Benny get lifted off the ground onto the unicorn. Then, he flies them up to the wizard's castle. Once inside, Dora tells the wizard that Benny turned himself into a potato by mistake. The wizard couldn't do any magic without his magic wand. But Boots tells him that they found it and it was Backpack who keeps it! The viewer looks inside Backpack for the magic wand. The viewer finds it and now the young wizard was able to turn Benny back into a bull. The young wizard needed help. Dora, Boots, and the Young Wizard had to wave the wand around. Then, they said "wickety, wackety, wull". The young wizard turned the potato back into a bull. Benny thanked Dora, Boots, and Young Wizard for reversing the spell. 041b061a72

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