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Sigmakey Dongle Emulator

SigmaKey Dongle Emulator: What Is It and How to Use It?

If you are looking for a way to flash, repair, or unlock your MediaTek (MTK) device, you might have heard of SigmaKey, a powerful and multifunctional MTK unlock program that allows you to read and generate all types of codes, disable security measures, direct unlock, IMEI repair, unlocking FRP, calibration, repairing vendor or region locks, and more. SigmaKey is a software that works with a hardware dongle that you need to connect to your PC via USB port. But what if you don't have the dongle or you want to use SigmaKey on multiple computers? This is where SigmaKey dongle emulator comes in handy.


What is SigmaKey dongle emulator?

A dongle emulator is a software that mimics the functionality of a hardware dongle, allowing you to use the software without the physical dongle. SigmaKey dongle emulator is a software that allows you to use SigmaKey software without the SigmaKey hardware dongle. With SigmaKey dongle emulator, you can use SigmaKey on any computer without having to connect the dongle every time. You can also share SigmaKey with your friends or colleagues who need to service their MTK devices.

How to use SigmaKey dongle emulator?

To use SigmaKey dongle emulator, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download SigmaKey software from the official website or from this link. Install SigmaKey software on your PC.

  • Download SigmaKey dongle emulator from this link. Extract the zip file and run the SigmaKeyEmu.exe file.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to generate a license file for SigmaKey software. You will need to enter your email address and a serial number that you can find on the back of your SigmaKey hardware dongle.

  • Copy the license file (SigmaKey.lic) to the folder where you installed SigmaKey software.

  • Run SigmaKey software and enjoy using it without the dongle.

Note: SigmaKey dongle emulator is not an official product of SigmaKey team and it may not work with the latest versions of SigmaKey software. Use it at your own risk and always backup your data before using SigmaKey software.


SigmaKey dongle emulator is a useful tool for those who want to use SigmaKey software without the hardware dongle. It allows you to flash, repair, or unlock your MTK device with ease and convenience. However, it is not a legal or official product and it may not be compatible with the latest updates of SigmaKey software. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original SigmaKey hardware dongle for the best performance and security.

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