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[S1E1] Tourist Trap

We then go to a flashback that takes over most of the episode. It turns out that the two are staying in Gravity Falls for the summer with their cheapskate great-uncle, or "Grunkle", Stan. Mabel looks at it as a positive experience ("Yay! Grass!"), while Dipper is more skeptical, and irritated at living in Stan's ramshackle house. The place doubles as a local tourist trap, the "Mystery Shack", a Museum of the Strange and Unusual full of such dubious attractions as "Sas-crotch" and Rock-That-Looks-Like-A-Face Rock, and Stan occasionally forces Dipper and Mabel to help out.

[S1E1] Tourist Trap


A new comedy series following the tourist team of Wow Wales, who are tasked with selling Wales to the world. Cameras follow CEO Elaine Gibbons in her new role, as well as husband-and-wife corporate team Wyn and Charlotte, the marketing department, and the public facing information centres, like the Aberystwyth operation, who are at the coal face of modern Welsh tourism. While digital support press on with a plan for an app to track the Easter bunny in Monmouthshire, Elaine hits on an idea for a viral video to get people excited about Wales, whatever the weather, inviting Derek Brockway to make a virtual walking tour from the comfort of a TV studio. But the weatherman's sunny disposition is thoroughly tested by Elaine's hands-on approach.

Template:ForTemplate:PlaceGravity Falls, Oregon is a mysterious, sleepy, small town in Roadkill County[1] of eastern Oregon, where there are many supernatural occurrences. It was founded by Quentin Trembley, but in an attempt to cover it up was said to be founded by Nathaniel Northwest. It's where Stan Pines lives and runs the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap which overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world's most bizarre museum. 13 year-old twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to stay with Stan for the summer, which leads them to discover the different yet curious wonders of Gravity Falls.

Prior to Dipper's and Mabel's arrival in Gravity Falls, the journal's author, Ford Pines, had been studying the mysteries of the town and recording his data in the book. Unlike the previous journals, Journal 3 was used mainly to record information on all the creatures and paranormal entities in the town. After a encounter with Bill Cipher, Ford succumbed to paranoia and hid the journals away to prevent anyone from obtaining the books and activating the Universe Portal, which could bring Bill to Gravity Falls. He hid Journal 3 in Gravity Falls Forest, specifically inside a metal tree contraption.

With the new information, Dipper uses the journal to uncover the location of the Bunker in "Into the Bunker." There, the group the discovers a Shape Shifter who tricks Dipper into giving it the journal, gaining many new forms, but Dipper gets the journal back as the group traps the Shape Shifter.

While reading Journal 3, Dipper uncovers the connection between the journals and the Universe Portal in "Not What He Seems" and tries to unsuccessfully stop Stan from activating the Universe Portal. However, the activated portal does bring Ford back from the alternate dimension he was trapped in. Once Ford settles back into the Mystery Shack, Journal 3 returns to his possession.

Watch Gravity Falls Season 1 full episodes online free thekisscartoon.Synopsis: Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer helping their great uncle Stan run a tourist trap in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. 041b061a72

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