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How to Fix Securom Failed To Initialize Error in Fifa Manager 13

If you are a fan of football management games, you might have tried to play Fifa Manager 13 on your computer. However, some players have reported that they encounter a Securom Failed To Initialize error message when they try to launch the game. This error prevents them from enjoying the game and can be very frustrating. In this article, we will explain what Securom is, why it causes errors, and how to fix them.


What is Securom?

Securom is a digital rights management (DRM) system that is used by some game developers and publishers to protect their games from piracy and unauthorized copying. Securom works by checking the authenticity of the game disc or the product key before allowing the game to run. If Securom detects any tampering or modification of the game files, it will display an error message and prevent the game from launching.

Why does Securom cause errors?

Securom can cause errors for various reasons, such as:

  • The game disc is scratched, damaged, or missing.

  • The product key is invalid, expired, or already used by another user.

  • The game files are corrupted, missing, or modified by third-party software or malware.

  • The graphic driver is outdated, incompatible, or faulty.

  • The system settings are incorrect or conflicting with Securom.

  • The antivirus software or firewall is blocking Securom from accessing the internet or the game files.

How to fix Securom Failed To Initialize error in Fifa Manager 13?

To fix Securom Failed To Initialize error in Fifa Manager 13, you can try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that you have the original game disc or a valid product key for Fifa Manager 13. If you have downloaded the game from an unofficial source or used a keygen to generate a product key, you might face Securom errors. In that case, you should buy the game from a legitimate source and use the official product key.

  • Check the condition of your game disc and clean it if necessary. If your game disc is scratched, damaged, or missing, you might need to replace it with a new one or contact the game support for assistance.

  • Verify the integrity of your game files and repair them if needed. You can do this by using the Steam client or the Origin client, depending on where you bought the game from. Follow these steps to verify and repair your game files.

  • Update your graphic driver to the latest version. An outdated or faulty graphic driver can cause Securom errors and other performance issues. To update your graphic driver, follow these steps . You can also download and install the latest graphic driver from your computer manufacturer website or your graphic card manufacturer website.

  • Perform a clean boot of your system. A clean boot will start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This will eliminate software conflicts that could occur when you install a program, an update, or when you run a program in Windows. Follow these steps to perform a clean boot of your system. Note: After troubleshooting, refer to this section "How to reset the computer to start normally after clean boot troubleshooting" in the same link.

  • Disable or uninstall any antivirus software or firewall that might be blocking Securom from accessing the internet or the game files. Some antivirus software or firewall might falsely detect Securom as a threat and prevent it from working properly. You can temporarily disable or uninstall your antivirus software or firewall and see if that fixes the Securom error. If it does, you might need to add an exception for Securom or Fifa Manager 13 in your antivirus software or firewall settings.

We hope that this article has helped you fix Securom Failed To Initialize error in Fifa Manager 13. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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