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Gay Studs Blog Thongs

JOCKBOX is the UK's leading retailer of gay underwear. We stock a huge range of men's underwear from the world's hottest gay underwear brands. We are an official stockist of all the brands listed, including SUKREW, Andrew Christian, Marco Marco, TOF Paris, TASTE Menswear, Code 22, TEAMM8, Garcon Model and more. Find the hottest jockstraps, briefs, boxers, thongs, harnesses and more at JOCKBOX.

gay studs blog thongs

In this article we're going to show you difference between men's thongs and men's jockstraps, both are a super sexy way to accentuate your assets, but when it comes down to it - whats the real difference? Lets find out:

Once upon a time men's thongs were considered quite taboo, even amongst gay men - however, its 2022 now and if we want to wear a thong, we will! Thongs are really similar to jockstraps, but have the following features:

Its fairly clear that there isnt a huge difference between a thong and a jock, both are made with very little fabrics - men's thongs go up your bum, jockstraps go around your legs. If you want to learn more about the various styles of gay underwear, have a look at our 'Ultimate Gay Underwear Guide'.

This sexy underwear type has become increasingly popular among the gay community. There are several advantages for gay mean to wear thongs. For one, they are comfortable. There's less fabric to sweat things up, thanks to them being so breathable and lightweight. They exude confidence, given how well thongs show off those prized manly features.

Also, thongs help gay mens' butts look fuller. Thongs can elevate the mood, given their inherent sensuality. This makes both the men wearing them feel sexier, as well as the men looking at the eye candy enjoying what they are seeing. You also avoid pesky underwear lines that you get from certain other types of underwear. Finally, they are incredibly liberating. Since you essentially only have a piece of fabric to keep your member in place, you feel the sensational liberation of hardly wearing anything.

When it comes to gay underwear, there are four main styles: briefs, trunks, thongs and jockstraps. Each has its own unique look and feel, so it's important to find the right style for your body type and personal preferences.

Briefs are the most popular choice for gay men, as they provide a snug fit that's perfect for everyday wear. Trunks are a bit longer and offer more coverage, making them great for lounging around the house or sleeping. And jockstraps are all about support and are perfect for those moments when you want to show off your body. While thongs are the ultimate for sun bathing and getting extra sun on your buns!

When it comes to finding the best brands for gay underwear briefs, there are a few that stand out. Garcon is one of the leading brands for gay men, offering a range of briefs, trunks, thongs and jockstraps in a variety of colors and styles. The fabrics are always soft, breathable, and ultra comfortable, making them perfect for everyday wear. Garçon specializes in high-quality underwear and they have a great 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're looking for something a bit more daring, thongs and jockstraps are the way to go. These styles send out the right 'bottom' vibes while showing off your body, making sure to bring all the tops to the yard!

*** Andrew Christian Inc. does not claim rights to any images posted in this blog post. If you find your picture here and would like to have it credited or removed please email

The line of men thongs by Agacio is on the sexy-supportive side. In fact, you can depend on them for all your sporty and semi-athletic needs. Gay men love how exotic the revealing design of the men's jockstrap thong is. It is all about holding you up well with the sensuousness and sexiness they provide. The same goes with the g-strings as well.

They specialize in super revealing thongs, jockstraps, and G-strings for thick, muscled men. MuscleMate products are also some of the cheapest sexy underwear around. Check out their Leopard print thong or their popular butt-flaunting thong.

If you take a look at the catalog of men see-through underwear at Erogenos, you would be able to find every possible underwear style in it. Whether it is the basic mens briefs, boxer briefs for mens, male thongs, g-string underwear for men, or even jocks for men and mens bikinis. So, it is a hot underwear style that can be found in every mens underwear category.

Everyone knows how sexy and well proportioned sheer underwear for men is. Also, when it's combined with men's underwear styles like men's thongs and g-strings for men, the outcome is very honorable. Men's thongs and g-strings are now exceptionally revealing and scanty, and the sheer fabric takes the sex-appeal higher than ever. Sheer underwear is comprised of delicate and stretchable fabric which enhances the help and comfort in your men's thongs and g-strings for men. Sheer underwear helps your thongs and g-strings in legitimate ventilation which is crucial for a clean and dry crotch.

I was surprised to see that many of my friends wear thongs or have at least tried it once. Even from guys I would never expect to wear thongs. But why the stereotype? Thong is just another type of underwear, it is no different to briefs or trunks, except that slim piece of string that goes between the cheeks can put your buttock to center stage. It frames your buttock perfectly in the most liberating way possible.

Is thongs sexy? Yes definitely, actually it can be very erotic if you want to spice things up in the bedroom. For the guys who want to try different things instead of the same old routines, some cheek to cheek excitement by starting off with a little strip tease. Remember less is more and thong is definitely an excitement in a small package. You can either surprise your partner by wearing one of our Supawear Pow Thong - Fruit Punch and buy him a pair of Dessert thong to match. Slipping it on is as sexy as taking it off. 041b061a72

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