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Buy Used 4 Wheeler

Four Wheelers and 4 Wheeler ATVs: The Four Wheeler ATV, also commonly referred to as the quad, began as a recreational vehicle for novices. The four wheeler has since been divided into the sport and utility markets. Sport models are generally two wheel drive while utility models boast a larger size and include four wheel drive.

buy used 4 wheeler

The four wheeler was born not long after the three wheeler or ATC disappeared. Featuring four, low pressure all-terrain tires, high-ground clearance and a robust suspension to tackle rugged terrain, the ATV/4 wheeler has become one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world. Most tout four-wheel drive capability, which allows an ATV or four wheeler to travel over rough ground, drive through deep mud and water, and climb rocky hillsides with relative ease. They are also very adept at hauling and towing large loads over difficult terrain. In short, the ATV is just that, an all-terrain vehicle that can work hard, play hard and can open up a new world of off-road adventure.

Utility quads are arguably the most popular ATV in the industry. In some ways, nearly every ATV available in the market today is designed to deliver some degree of utility, yet these four wheelers are engineered to do more work and still deliver a great trail ride when the job is done.

Financing a new four-wheeler is another option to consider. With manufacturers offering low interest rates and other incentives, you may find financing is a more affordable option to consider. Financing not only makes the ownership experience affordable to more people, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a more powerful, feature-rich ATV.

Just as important as the ATV or 4 wheeler itself are the accessories you attach to truly elevate the capability, performance, convenience and looks of your ATV. The right accessories can help you specialize the capabilities and convenience of your ATV to match how you want to use the vehicle. Popular accessory categories include:

In short, when it comes to buying an ATV, do your homework. Determine what type of ATV model is right for how you plan to ride. From trail riding to general utility to hunting and so much more, the world of quads and four-wheelers is incredibly diverse. Now that this ATV buying guide took you a few steps closer to finding the vehicle right for you, let Polaris help you find the exact ATV vehicle you need for your purposes.

The Wisconsin DNR provides registration services for ATVs and UTVs. Only those ATVs and UTVs that meet statutory definitions can be registered and used on public trails. There are many sizes of ATVs and UTVs available for purchase, but not all of them are eligible to be registered in Wisconsin or used on Wisconsin ATV/UTV trails. Vehicles that cannot be registered as ATVs or UTVs can to be operated on private land only, with the consent of the landowner. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation issues titles and/or registration (license plates) for some trailers.

Wisconsin law ss 23.33(1)(ng) defines an utility-terrain vehicle as a commercially designed and manufactured motor-driven device that is designed to be used primarily off highway, and originally manufactured and equipped with all of the following: a weight, without fluids, of 3000 pounds or less; four or more tires; steering wheel; tail light; brake light; two headlights; width of not more than 65 inches; seat belts; and roll bar or similar device designed to reduce the likelihood that an occupant would be crushed as the result of a rollover. This includes small or child-sized UTVs. Vehicles that do not qualify as an ATV as defined in ss.340.01(2g) but are commercially designed and manufactured, motor driven devices that contain 3 or more tires, a weight without fluids of 3000 pounds or less, a width of 65 inches or less and a seat designed to be straddled by the operator may also be registered as a UTV. What can be registered as an UTV.

Allows private registration for agricultural use if the machine is used for an agricultural purpose. Agricultural purpose includes a purpose related to the transportation of farm implements, equipment, supplies, or products on a farm or between farms. It is valid during operation on public roads for agricultural purposes, but is not valid for operation on public, frozen waterways or public lands open to ATVs/UTVs. Owners may purchase an additional registration for their machines for public use if they intend to ride on public trails. Private use - agricultural registration remains valid until ownership is transferred.

ATVs and UTVs are exempt from registration if the vehicle: 1) is owned by a government agency, the name of the agency must be displayed on the exterior of the vehicle; 2) displays a registration decal required by the tribe or band; or 3) is in the state not more than 15 days and used exclusively as part of an advertisement being made for the manufacture of the vehicle.

"Utility-terrain vehicle" means a commercially designed and manufactured motor-driven device that is not a golf cart, low-speed vehicle, dune buggy, mini-truck, or tracked vehicle, that is designed to be used primarily off highway, and originally manufactured and equipped with all of the following: a weight, without fluids, of 2,000 pounds or less; four or more low-pressure tires or non-pneumatic tires; steering wheel; tail light; brake light; two headlights; width of not more than 65 inches; seat belts; and roll bar or similar device designed to reduce the likelihood that an occupant would be crushed as the result of a rollover. What can be registered as an UTV. [PDF]

Private use registration is for an ATV or UTV used exclusively on private property. Use of the ATV or UTV is by the owner or a member of his/her immediate family only on land owned or leased by the vehicle owner or a member of his/her immediate family.

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is any self-propelled vehicle with two or more wheels that is manufactured for sale to be used primarily off-highway or in off-road competitions, and that is no wider than 70 inches and weighs no more than 1,000 pounds. This does not include vehicles manufactured for off-highway use and designed exclusively for travel on snow or ice, and supported by one or more skis, belts or cleats that utilize an endless belt tread. Those vehicles, which include snowmobiles, are subject to other laws and regulations.

When you register a new or used ATV for the first time, your registration will expire each year on August 31. Registrations for ATVs originally registered before April 1, 2005, will continue to expire each year on April 30.

ATV dealers are required by law to register every ATV they sell to New York State residents or to non-residents before the purchaser takes delivery; unless the purchaser qualifies for an exemption from registration. A purchaser is exempt from registration when the ATV will be used exclusively: outside of New York State; at special events; for agricultural purposes; or for snow plowing other than for-hire. Dealers must have the purchaser complete and sign a "Declaration of Exemption From Snowmobile or All-Terrain Vehicle Registration" (RV-6).

If you buy your ATV from a registered New York State dealer, you should receive a bill of sale in addition to the acceptable documents that prove ownership. The bill of sale must contain the dealer's name, address and dealer registration number, plus your name and address, the ATV vehicle identification number, the year, make, model, and number of wheels. The bill of sale also must indicate that the ATV is either new or used, and must confirm that the dealer has collected the appropriate sales tax.

The term applies to everything from off-road 3-wheelers to heavy-duty jeeps and even military vehicles with six wheels or more. UTVs, which stands for utility terrain vehicles, also fall into this category.

ATVs with three wheels were slowly dying in popularity due to poor handling and stability. Have one less wheel made the vehicle difficult to control in off-road settings. Quads soon became the norm. These bikes were mostly used for racing, tricks, and exploring the wilderness. The quality improved over the years as the hobby went mainstream.

As auto manufacturers looked for ways to increase the safety of these vehicles, they eventually added four-wheel drive to quads, and thus the 4-wheeler was born. Honda created the first 4-wheeler in 1986 with the release of the Honda Four Trax system. The 44 system rose in popularity as more consumers took an interest in motocross and off-roading, especially young adults.

According to most dictionaries, a 4-wheeler is any vehicle with four wheels. But if you ask an outdoors enthusiast, they will tell you a 4-wheeler is any all-terrain vehicle with four wheels and 44 drive. Some trucks and jeeps even qualify as 4-wheelers as long as they have all-wheel drive.

Sport ATVs: These vehicles are normally used for racing. They have the horsepower, speed, and agility to win a race while navigating steep hills and turns. Sport ATVs tend to be leaner and lighter than other types of off-road vehicles. They are known for their suspension and quick handling, but they tend to spend most of their time on dirt roads, trails, and racing tracks.

Knowing which models to hunt for is half the battle when you are searching through a sea of used ATV options. According to ATV Rider, all of the four wheelers on this list are a good find. Keep in mind the prices are ballpark, not exact. However, this info should help you in your search for a good used ATV.

How much do four wheelers cost? If you had a great time ripping around on four-wheelers during a recent trip to Florida, you may be tempted to purchase one for yourself. But is it really a better idea to buy a four wheeler as opposed to renting one? How much do four wheelers cost to buy anyways? When it comes to ATVs it may not always be worth putting the money in for owning one yourself no matter how exciting the purchase may be. If you love riding around in ATVs, here is your ultimate guide to buying vs renting a four-wheeler. 041b061a72

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