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In Nome Del Popolo Italiano(1971)

Their only LP included two film soundtracks, In nomedel popolo italiano on side A, with orchestral arrangements, and EttoreLo Fusto on side B. The band was just featured on the second side with fourinstrumental tracks, one of which withan orchestra, too little to give a good review of their style.

In nome del popolo italiano(1971)

Rare though not particularly sought after bycollectors, Ettore lo fusto was released in no less than three differentissues, originally on Beat label and soonafter on Fonit'slow-budget subsidiary Music Parade, always in a poor single cover with smalldifferences in design. The movie, directed by Enzo G.Castellari, was released in1971.Side A included the soundtrack to another film, In nome del popolo italiano,composed by Carlo Rustichelli and executed by Giancarlo Plenizio Orchestra; sideB contained four tracks featuring Il Punto and another by the Francesco De MasiOrchestra.The first Beat issue had a blck label and the record company logo on the cover was blue, with song titles on the right side. The second Beat issue had a turquoise label, a white Beat logo on the cover, with the movies ttitles on both sides of the image. The Music Parade reissue was similar to the previous one but had a different company logo in the top right corner. 041b061a72

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