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Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers (or Saban's Power Rangers)[5] is a 2017 American superhero film based on the franchise of the same name (itself based on the Super Sentai franchise), and directed by Dean Israelite from a screenplay by John Gatins. It is the third installment in the Power Rangers film series, and is a reboot that loosely adapts "Day of the Dumpster", the pilot episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The film features the main characters of the television series with a new cast, starring Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Banks. The film follows a group of teenagers who gain newfound powers, and must use them to protect Earth from an ancient reawakened threat. Franchise creator Haim Saban returned to produce the film under his investment firm.

Power Rangers (2017)

The five teenagers return to the mine and discover an ancient spaceship where they meet Alpha 5 and Zordon's consciousness. They inform the teenagers about the Rangers' history and Rita, warning that they have two weeks until Rita has her full power, finds the Zeo Crystal, and uses it to destroy life on Earth. Zordon pleads with Jason to convince the team to help.

Rita creates Goldar, raises an army of Putties, and attacks Angel Grove to find the Zeo Crystal. The Rangers battle the Putties and head to Angel Grove in their Zords. After the Rangers destroy the Putties, Goldar pushes the Rangers and their Zords into a fiery pit. In the pit, the Zords combine and form the Megazord. Rita merges with Goldar. The Rangers battle and destroy Goldar. After refusing Jason's offer to surrender, a defiant Rita tells the Rangers that more will come for the Zeo Crystal and leaps at the Megazord only to be slapped into space. The Rangers are praised as local heroes, and with Rita defeated, they return to their normal lives while keeping their new powers.

In the Cenozoic-era, six interplanetary warriors, the Power Rangers, are tasked with protecting life on Earth and the Zeo Crystal. The Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa, betrays them and plans to dominate the universe. The Red Ranger, Zordon, survives Rita's attack and hides five of the Rangers' power source, the Power Coins. He orders Alpha 5 to perform a meteor strike that kills him and sends Rita to the bottom of the sea, foiling her scheme.

The five teenagers return to the mine and discover an ancient spaceship where they meet Alpha 5 and Zordon's consciousness. They inform the teenagers about the Rangers history and Rita, warning that they have eleven days until Rita has her full power, finds the Zeo Crystal, and uses it to destroy life on Earth. The five leave the ship with no intention of returning until Zordon pleads with Jason to convince the team.

I'm just saying if there was a gay Power Ranger when I was in high school I probably would've been a lot more comfortable with myself a lot sooner. Additionally, I can just imagine how powerful it'll be for certain kids to see a Ranger is on the autistic spectrum and is the one who essentially brings the entire team together.

An hour and 40 minutes of character development leads to a final 20 minutes of poorly done action with terrible CGI. This movie takes the origin story to the extreme. This is a Power Rangers movie and no one puts on a damn power rangers suit until 90 minutes in. When they finally put the suits on, their face mask is up the entire time!

A group of high school students are morphed into super hero and use their powers to save the world. The characters of cartoon and video game fame are Kimberly Hart / The Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott), Trini / The Yellow Ranger (Becky G.), Jason Lee Scott / The Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery), Billy Cranston / The Blue Ranger (RJ Cyler) and Zack Taylor / The Black Ranger (Ludi Lin).

Why is Power Rangers (2017) rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Power Rangers (2017) PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, language, and for some crude humor.Run Time: 124 minutes

Violence: This film contains frequent depictions of violence and characters in peril.Teenagers engage in reckless and illegal behavior, including trying to out run a train. Car chases occur while characters are avoiding police/security guards.Vehicle accidents are shown. Frequent injuries are depicted, some with blood effects. Characters transform into grotesque creatures. Corpses are depicted. Battles and fist-fights are portrayed, some as practice, but most between superheroes-in-training and powerful enemies such as rock monsters, a golden giant and a villainess with super powers. A character is hit in the groin. Large machines and supernatural beings engage in conflict. Death, injury and property damage result from beating, stomping, hitting, crushing, explosion and turning things into dust. Weapon use includes guns, swords and supernatural powers. A character intent on getting gold swallows jewelry and rips teeth out of a living person (shown in silhouette). Bullying and teasing are depicted and discussed: incidents include knocking out a tooth, threatening to snap a wrist, head butting that results in unconsciousness, and using cell phones to share inappropriate pictures. A character under house arrest breaks the conditions of his parole and tampers with his electronic ankle bracelet. Parents argue with each other and their teenaged children. After trespassing, a character sets off an explosive that causes a landslide. A teen is worries that a friend is trying to commit suicide, and another is concerned about his ailing mother. A character says she loves killing and utters multiple death threats, hits and scratches another character and drops a bound teen off of a boat dock.

This movie borrows much from other films. For instance: An unlikely friendship develops between students in another detention class in the R-rated classic The Breakfast Club. Aliens build another place of power out of crystals in Superman. The Transformers features similar visual effects. And rock monsters play a role in Galaxy Quest.

Parents need to know that Power Rangers is the big-screen reboot of the hugely popular '90s TV show about a team of teen superheroes who are imbued with powers from ancient crystal coins. Unlike earlier takes on the characters, this movie amps up the violence and features strong language and mature themes (teen substance use, juvenile detention, cyberbullying, questions about sexual identity, and more). So even though it might appeal to young elementary-aged kids, it's far better suited for middle-schoolers and up. There's mass destruction, with a relatively high body count, as well as injuries, crashes, fights, and more. On the language front, characters use words like "s--t" and "ass," as well as one "motherf" that's purposely cut short. Subtle hints at potential romance include longing looks and flirting, and there are references to how someone digitally shared a student's inappropriate photo. Positive messages mirror those of the original series: teamwork, courage, training, sacrifice, and trust.

In the Cenozoic Period of Earth where the last generations of dinosaurs still remained (albeit with their numbers dwindling), the ancient Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa, for reasons that yet to be revealed (albeit indicated that she may have switched sides to Lord Zedd), turned against her fellow Rangers and came to Earth to take the Zeo Crystal, a powerful artifact with which she could harness the power of life or death as well as the power to create and destroy worlds. She knew the crystal's extraction would render all life on Earth extinct, but did not care. To carry out her plan, she forged a special Magic Staff that enabled her to create an army of golem-like creatures called Putty Patrollers and a golden monster named Goldar that could pull the Zeo Crystal from Earth's surface as well as serve her as her sentient superweapon comparable to Zords. Her former allies, Zordon and the rest of the Rangers stood up and battled against her, but they ultimately lost the fight, as Rita managed to kill all but Zordon himself. In a last-ditch effort to stop her, Zordon ordered Alpha 5 to redirect a meteor in her and Goldar's direction. As result, Goldar was destroyed while Rita was sent flying into the bottom of the ocean. The meteor impact also nearly killed Zordon and render the last dinosaurs extinct, but Alpha 5 managed to send him into the Morphing Grid to keep him alive.

In 2017, Rita's seemingly lifeless body is fished out of the ocean by boatmen who think that Rita's preserved body is already long dead but are unaware that her powers keep her alive. Upon awakening, she immediately kills them and sets out to Angel Grove. Old and withered due to age and lack of nourishment, Rita searches for gold to be absorbed as means to rejuvenate herself and restore her powers. She steals gold from anyone and anything she can find, often brutally murdering her victims in process and making news in Angel Grove. Eventually, Rita fully regenerates when she comes upon one of Angel Grove's jewellery stores. Sensing presence of other Rangers near her, she invades the home of Trini Kwan and demands the whereabouts of the Zeo Crystal. Unable to gain information from her, Rita deduces that Trini's fellow Rangers know the crystal's location so she then morphs into her battle-damaged Ranger suit to introduce herself and reveals that she killed Trini's predecessor in the past before goading her to rally her friends to met her at the docks.

The Rangers later confront her at the docks to defeat her but they yet to be able to master the ability to morph which allows Rita to subdue then before threatening to kill Zack if any of them refuse to tell them the crystal's location. This prompts Billy to tells her the crystal to save Zack but Rita unexpectedly kills Billy by strangling him to death and dropping his body into the water to retain her respect with Zordon before leaving. Now with her restored powers reaching its peak and knowing where the Zeo Crystal is, Rita enters a gold mine to reconstruct Goldar and an army of Putty Patrollers where she sends a squadron of Putties to obliterate the remaining Rangers and delay them. Though the Rangers, with newly revived Billy, quickly decimate the Putties, they delay the heroes long enough for Goldar to be fully resurrected. In response, the Rangers pilot their Zords against Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and her legion of Putty Patrollers. 041b061a72

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