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Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential T...

According to some data, the content must become more intense as a viewer continues to consume pornography in order to have the same consequences. Drugs are not necessary for a porn addict because watching porn causes drug-like effects in the brain. There is a typical five-stage progression associated with pornography addiction:

Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential T...


Overcoming pornography addiction can be one of the most difficult trials that an addict will ever have to face. They can spend years trying to find the answers they need to finally triumph over the problem. These are 10 essential steps that I feel are necessary for this journey. Of course, these steps are probably not going to happen in the order they are presented (nor should they). However, I do feel they are all important and hope that those struggling with this issue can gain some insight into themselves.

Have you ever considered the role of support groups in treating porn addiction? While it may not seem like a viable option to some, support groups can be incredibly helpful in dealing with the adverse effects of excessive pornography consumption.

The key to recovery from a pornography addiction, like any addiction, is getting help. Seeking support from loved ones, therapy, and potentially medical advice is all part of recovery. Porn addiction treatment varies from person to person, and it is essential that those who find they have a compulsion to view pornography seek pornography addiction counseling at the earliest possible moment. The sooner you begin the road to recovery, the sooner you can begin healing the damage done to your mind, and your life.

Wendy Maltz is an American sex therapist, psychotherapist, author, educator, and clinical social worker. She is an expert on the sexual repercussions of sexual abuse, understanding women's sexual fantasies, treating pornography-related problems, and promoting healthy sexuality. She has taught at the University of Oregon and, up until her retirement in 2016 from providing counseling services, was co-director with her husband, Larry Maltz, of Maltz Counseling Associates therapy practice in Eugene, Oregon.[1] 041b061a72

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