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Roblox Squid Game Script - Instant Finish God...

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Roblox Squid Game Script - Instant Finish | God...

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  • E-L Ending Fatigue: Fans generally agree that the start of Episode 9 was a compelling and emotional climax to the story. However, the episode continues for another 30 minutes, where Gi-hun experiences a year-long Heroic BSoD, discovers the mastermind of the games, learns to believe in humanity again, fulfills his promises to Sae-byeok and Sang-woo, and resolves to take down the games himself. Compared to the intensity of the series beforehand, you'd be forgiven for thinking the conclusion drags a bit.

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Salesman is one of the most popular characters in the series despite only appearing in two scenes.

  • Players 324 and 250 for being portrayed as sympathetic comic relief characters during the short screentime they got.

  • Ji-yeong is incredibly popular amongst the fandom due to her chemistry with Kang Sae-byeok, especially her Heroic Sacrifice towards the latter.

  • Player 119 for being one of the most vocal participants to stop the games, but mostly for doing something no one else thought of - not going down without a fight, injuring one guard and indirectly getting another killed, thus allowing the detective to continue his investigation.

  • Player 062, the math teacher, who approaches Gi-hun and asks if he wants to team up for the marbles game. During the stepping stones game, when he calculates his odds of survival and realizes it's 32,000 to 1, he goes "Fuck it" and just decides to make a (surprisingly successful) dash for it.

  • Player 198 has become surprisingly popular -especially on TikTok and YouTube- despite being a background character with very little screentime, in part because of her good looks and guts to (unwisely) out player 101 for butting in line for second helpings, which sadly cost her life during the blackout riot as the first person to be eliminated, sealing her fate as a tragic character.

  • Players 069 and 070, a married couple, have a number of fans due to their heartbreaking side plot. Introduced during the Tug of War game, Player 069 refuses to join Gi-hun's team unless his wife (Player 070) can join as well. Later, they partner during the marble game only to find out to their horror that they'll be competing against their partner. Player 070 ultimately loses and dies as a result, and Player 069 hangs himself out of guilt.

  • Player 017 for his knowledge from his time as a worker of a glass manufacturing company proving incredibly useful in the Glass Bridge game.

  • Epileptic Trees: The fan theory that Gi-hun is actually Il-nam's son has become viral.note Some things that are taken as proof for this theory are: Il-nam somehow knowing that Gi-hun's father scolded him for not drinking milk as a child, because he used to do it to his kid too and Gi-hun's birthday being on the 26th, and on the 24th, Il-nam saying his son's birthday is coming up. There have been many articles written about it, despite evidence to the contrary also being present. Some people think it's clichéd to have the game master and Gi-hun be related, however, so they suggest that perhaps Gi-hun simply reminds him of his son.

  • A number of fans ran with the theory that the color of the ddakji chosen to play against the Salesman determines the position a person is enrolled for - Blue as a Player, Red as a Guard. However, this is disproven as early as the first episode in a compilation of the Players playing ddakji showing that some Players did choose Red. On top of that, the Guards would require mass amounts of training to be as synchronised and competent in their job; there wouldn't be enough time between the Salesman's recruitment and their first job of smuggling the Players into the island.

  • Evil Is Cool: The Front Man has a badass mask and coat, a cool voice, wields a 1911, is extremely clever, and a Consummate Professional. His mask, black attire, and general attitude of no-nonsense evil evokes Evil Is Cool mascot Darth Vader.

  • Il-nam drew in lots of viewers at first because he's an endearing old man who somehow manages to survive the deadly games and even gives genuinely helpful tips like in the Tug-of-War game, which makes him look badass. But when they reached The Reveal that he's actually the founder of the games, most people stopped loving him. That said, there's definitely a contingent of fans who still liked Il-nam even after the revelation of his true nature due to how clever he is, not to mention a love of both the twist and the good reception of his actor's performance.

  • Evil Is Sexy: Despite being a member of the game staff, plenty of viewers still appreciate The Salesman's good looks. It's hard to avoid when you're played by the famously handsome Gong Yoo in a nice suit. Some people even began watching Squid Game for Gong Yoo. Go to Twitter and you'll find fancams of The Salesman, not because they like his character but because it's freaking Gong Yoo in a suit.

  • Heo Sung-tae, who plays the despicable and irredeemably evil Deok-su, mentioned in an interview that he received many flirtatious messages from fangirls, including asking him to "take them to the bathroom," where his character had sex in the show.

  • Sang-woo has quite a few fangirls as well, thanks to his relatively relatable backstory and the fact that he's played by the very handsome Park Hae-Soo.

  • Fandom Rivalry: Forms a minor one with Alice in Borderland, another Asian Netflix series with a Deadly Game premise.

  • Fandom-Specific Plot: Fanfics with Sang-woo or Sae-byeok winning the contest in place of Gi-hun are quite common.

  • There's a recurring fanfic idea of Ji-yeong being a deranged heiress of a wealthy family and the true mastermind behind the games, in place of the canon Il-nam.

  • Fanfic Fuel: With the implication that every country in the world has its own version of the games (the series focuses on South Korea's due to it being deemed as the "most entertaining"), many fans have thought to come up with ideas on what games would be used for their own countries' version.

  • Fan Nickname: Non-Korean-speaking viewers sometimes refer to the characters with descriptive terms rather than their actual names.note Ali's name is easy for them to remember, and the Front Man is mostly referred by his title rather than his actual name, Hwang In-ho, so both usually don't get nicknames. The Salesman, on the other hand, tends to be referred by the name of his actor, Gong Yoo. Seong Gi-hun is "Main Character".

  • Cho Sang-woo is "University Guy/Smart Guy/Childhood Friend".

  • Kang Sae-byeok is "Pickpocket/Thief/North Korean Girl".

  • Oh Il-nam is "Old Man".

  • Jang Deok-su is "Thug/Gangster/Snake Tattoo".

  • Han Mi-nyeo is "Annoying Girl/Crazy Lady".

  • Byeong-gi/Player 111 is "Doctor".

  • Ji-yeong is "Nose Ring Girl/Nose Piercing Girl".

  • Hwang Jun-ho is "Cop/Detective".

  • Players 069 and 070 are "Husband and Wife".

  • Player 062 is "Math Teacher".

  • Player 244 is "Preacher/Minister".

  • Player 017 is "Glass Worker".

  • Genius Bonus: Those with knowledge about Korean literature could probably have foreseen Gi-hun returning home in Episode 9 with the prize money, only to find his mother had died in the meantime. The title of the episode is "One Lucky Day", the same as a famous Korean short story where a rickshaw porter, the ancient equivalent of a chauffeur, has a lucky day where he gets a lot of customers and earns lots of money, only to return home to find his sickly wife dead.

  • The red and blue ddakji is, according to Hwang Dong-hyuk and HoYeon Jung, is a reference to the Japanese ghost folklore Red Mantle. It involves a ghost who will approach you in the bathroom and make an offer of red or blue toilet paper, either choice will result in death. In order to survive the encounter, the person must either refuse or ignore the ghost. With this in mind, it is saying that the only way to win the Squid Game is not to play.

  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This show is incredibly popular in the US, and is the first Korean drama to reach number one status in the US TV showchart.

  • Also, in the Philippines, to the point where the "Red Light, Green Light" doll is used.

  • For a country that lacks a strong K-drama culture, the show is immensely popular in Romania, reaching No.1 on Netflix Romania. Romanian users on TikTok like to create countless memes about the show, under the form of "What Romanians would do, if they were part of the game". It helps that due to corruption in their country, many Romanians easily identify with the characters and their dispirited situation while being at the mercy of mysterious villainous VIPs.

  • This show is also popular among the North Korea elite, mostly as excuse to say capitalism does not work. In spite of this, the show criticizes North Korea as well through Sae-byeok's storyline.

  • This show was everywhere in the Netherlands.

  • He's Just Hiding: Due to the lack of a satisfying conclusion to his storyline, the fact that he was shot in the shoulder, a notoriously non-lethal wound in fiction, no clear confirmation of his death, and the fact that the previous and only other off-screen death turned out to be faked, many fans have committed to the theory that Jun-ho survived his fall and will return in the second season.

  • It's nice to hope that 062 and some of the other victims of the glass stepping stones might have survived the fall and weren't burned or dissected alive.

  • No announcement is heard when Sae-Byeok dies, making some fans hope that she survives being stabbed and cut out her black box implant earlier to fake her death.

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The First-Episode Twist is pure Nightmare Fuel as players are gunned down for the crime of not staying still or panicking. Later parodies of the show might make a viewer laugh and cry on watching. Case in point: YouTuber Mr. Beast later recreated the games, starting with "Red Light Green Light," and the volunteers are laughing even if they get "eliminated". Mr. Beast even messes with them by adding a random "yellow light" which some eliminated players admit was a brilliant Troll move. One of the players who did survive admitted she actually had never seen Squid Game so was just playing for fun.

  • One of the saddest moments in the show is Sang-woo betraying Ali to save his own ass, rather than either playing fairly and gracefully losing, as Ji-yeong did, or asking the patient guards about a viable third option like switching the players' bags of marbles and thus "winning" all without getting twenty. Saturday Night Live would recreate a similar moment between guest host Rami Malek and Pete Davidson... and it is a really one of many Funny Moments when Davidson casually pushes Malek off the Stepping Stones Bridge just because, and Malek sings, "Why'd the hell I play the Squid Game?".

  • In Episode 8, Jun-ho is stopped from showing the footage of the games he made to the police by the Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun) shooting him off a cliff. This is very similar to how Storm Shadow (one of Lee's previous roles) is defeated by Snake Eyes at the end of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

  • May double as Harsher in Hindsight depending on how cynical you are, but at the same time Season 2 was announced, Netflix also announced a reality TV show meant to recreate the games in the series with real contestants competing for a cash prize (though thankfully no killing involved if the players lose). Whether Netflix is aware of the irony of this situation remains to be seen.

  • Upon the first season's release, many viewers found the uniforms of the guards to be quite similar to the outfits worn by the robbers and hostages in fellow Netflix series Money Heist. The next year, Netflix released a Korean remake of Money Heist, which also features Park Hae-soo (Sang-woo's actor) as Berlin.

  • I Am Not Shazam: The central games are never called the "Squid Game" in-universenote although the list of previous winners Jun-ho finds is labeled "Squid Archives"; the squid game is instead a popular Korean children's game as well as the final round of the game.

  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks!: Squid Game's surprise popularity had created a lot of buzz from critics and fans alike, as well as several recreations, both in Real Life and in video game platforms such as Roblox. The massive publicity has repulsed some people from the series, who are sick of seeing it everywhere. Expect anyone who recreates the games to receive tons of comments accusing them of being a sell-out who's trying to cash in on a trend. This is Averted for it's native South Korea, where the titular game originates from.

  • Jerkass Woobie: Mi-nyeo is an Opportunistic Bastard who uses dramatic antics to get what she wants and votes to return to the games, despite claiming to have a newborn at home she hasn't named. She's even racist towards Ali when he identifies a movie she was referencing, and he proceeds to mock her for her panicking during tug-of-war. There are hints, however, that her Large Ham and allying with the strongest side is a coping mechanism for how she's survived in life, and she does help Sae-byeok. From a physical standpoint, she's not as strong as the other players, and admits she hates being seen as a weak link. She becomes pathetic when no one will partner up with her for game four, begging for her life as the guards drag her away. While she finds out that she was allowed to go to the barracks and sleep the day off, she was hurt on principle that Deok-su rejected her again and realized no one trusted her. The next day, she pulls a Heroic Sacrifice by taking out Deok-su before he could waste time for everyone on the Stepping Stones bridge, her last of few selfless gestures.

  • Byeong-gi, who engages in ethically dodgy organ extraction in exchange for corrupt guards giving him a heads up about the games and pre-planned riots. He teams up with Deok-su to protect himself, knowing Deok-su is a killer. Yes, it is really messed up, as Jun-ho notes when holding one of the guards at gunpoint. There are hints that Byeong-gi actually doesn't like doing this, especially after a woman whose body was raped repeatedly awoke on the surgeon's table as he was removing her eyes, and he remarks offhandedly that the incident that caused him to lose his license has caused him no end of guilt, of accidentally killing a patient. His breakdown is quite sad, when he snaps from the sleep deprivation and limited food rations, holding one of the guard hostages and actually killing one. It's implied that even the Front Man felt sorry for Byeong-gi when he found out about the scheme, though it doesn't stop him from executing him for cheating.

  • Sang-woo brought his legal and financial troubles on himself through his embezzlement and bad investments, and becomes more ruthless over the course of the game, from betraying Ali to murdering Sae-byeok. However, he suffers from guilt over his more morally questionable decisions, and is playing so that his mother's shop will not be seized as collateral. In the end, after losing to Gi-hun, he sees no other choice but to kill himself so that Gi-hun can win the money and help both of their mothers.

  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many people started watching the series for Gong Yoo as the Salesman, though he only appears in the first and final episodes.

  • And to a lesser extent, Jun'ichi Suwabe voicing the Salesman in the Japanese dub.

  • Les Yay: Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong grow close incredibly quickly, and they share several intense stares and physically involved conversations (notably the scene where Sae-byeok pushes Ji-yeong against a wall and questions her about her Heroic Sacrifice, and breaks down in tears when she is shot).

  • Love to Hate: Jang Deok-su may be monstrously evil and a sadistic piece of trash, but his actor's amazing performance makes him easy to hate and, in addition to the character being rebellious and over-the-top, very memorable and much appreciated as a villain by fans.


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