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148 Yoga Muthirai In 51

148 Yoga Muthirai In 51

Yoga muthirai, or yoga mudras, are hand gestures that can help to balance the five elements of the body and improve various aspects of health and well-being. There are many types of yoga muthirai, each with its own benefits and effects. In this article, we will introduce 148 yoga muthirai in 51 categories, based on the information from [Yoga muthirai in Tamil], [Siddhargal's secret muthirai part 1], and [Yoga muthirai for all body problems].

148 Yoga Muthirai In 51

How to do yoga muthirai?

To do yoga muthirai, you need to sit in a comfortable position, preferably on a mat or a cushion. You can also do them while standing or lying down, but make sure your spine is straight and relaxed. Then, you need to form the desired gesture with your fingers and hands, and hold it for a few minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. You can also chant a mantra or breathe deeply while doing the muthirai. You can do them at any time of the day, but it is better to do them before eating or after emptying your bowels. You can also do them before or after practicing other yoga poses or meditation.

What are the benefits of yoga muthirai?

Yoga muthirai can have various benefits for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Some of the benefits are:

  • They can balance the five elements of the body: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These elements are related to different organs, systems, and functions of the body. By balancing them, you can prevent or cure many diseases and disorders.

  • They can stimulate the energy channels and points in the body, called nadis and chakras. These are responsible for the flow of life force or prana in the body. By stimulating them, you can enhance your vitality, immunity, and awareness.

  • They can calm the mind and emotions, and reduce stress and anxiety. They can also improve your concentration, memory, and creativity.

  • They can awaken your spiritual potential and connect you with your higher self. They can also help you to achieve various states of consciousness, such as bliss, peace, and enlightenment.

What are the 148 yoga muthirai in 51 categories?

The following table lists the 148 yoga muthirai in 51 categories, along with their names in Tamil and English, their meanings, their effects, and their images. You can click on the images to see them in full size.


Name in Tamil

Name in English





கர்மக மத்தர

Karmuka Muthirai

Bow Gesture

It increases the fire element in the body and improves digestion, metabolism, and immunity. It also reduces obesity and cholesterol.


சன்மக மத்தர

Sinmuka Muthirai

Lion Gesture

It increases the air element in the body and improves respiration, circulation, and nervous system. It also reduces stress, anger, and depression.