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{LA Transcript By Robert Morning Sky}

LA Transcript by robert morning sky

Robert Morning Sky is a Native American author and researcher who claims to have received a hidden history of the Earth and humanity from an extraterrestrial visitor named Bek'Ti. His book, LA Transcript, is a summary of this information, which he presented at a conference in Los Angeles in 1996. The book is very rare and hard to find, as it was allegedly suppressed by the authorities and the mainstream media.

In LA Transcript, Morning Sky reveals a shocking story of cosmic wars, ancient gods, alien races, and the origin of mankind. According to him, the Earth was once a barren planet that was colonized by an advanced civilization called the SSS-TA, or the Serpent Race. They terraformed the planet and created various life forms, including humans, as their slaves and experiments. The Serpent Race was part of a galactic empire ruled by a tyrannical queen named E-AN-Na, or the Great Ancestor.

{LA Transcript by robert morning sky}


However, the Serpent Race was challenged by another faction of rebels called the ARI-AN, or the Lion Race. They were led by a charismatic leader named EA-SU, or Prince EA, who was the son of E-AN-Na. EA-SU opposed his mother's tyranny and sought to liberate the Earth and its inhabitants from her control. He and his followers staged a coup and seized the power generator of the planet, known as the TAK-AD-AM-A, or the Tree of Life. This caused a massive explosion that destroyed most of the Serpent Race's bases and ships, and also tilted the axis of the Earth.

The survivors of the Serpent Race fled to underground caverns and hidden locations, while EA-SU and his allies established a new civilization on the surface. They taught humans about science, art, culture, and spirituality, and became known as the gods of ancient myths. EA-SU was revered as Enki, Ptah, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, and other names. He also created a hybrid race of humans and ARI-ANs, called the AR-RA-YA, or the Royal Race. They were endowed with special abilities and served as his representatives and rulers.

However, EA-SU's rebellion did not go unnoticed by his mother E-AN-Na. She sent her loyal forces to recapture the Earth and punish her son. These forces were led by EA-SU's brother EN-LIL-LI, or Lord EN-LIL. He was also known as Zeus, Marduk, Indra, Jehovah, and other names. He and his army waged war against EA-SU and his followers for thousands of years. They also manipulated humans into worshipping them as the true gods and obeying their laws and commandments.

The conflict between EA-SU and EN-LIL-LI reached a climax when EN-LIL-LI decided to unleash a cataclysmic flood to wipe out humanity and EA-SU's creations. EA-SU managed to save some of his loyal humans and hybrids by instructing them to build arks and hide in safe places. He also preserved some of his genetic material and technology in secret vaults. After the flood subsided, EA-SU and EN-LIL-LI agreed to divide the Earth into different regions and spheres of influence. They also agreed to limit their direct interference with human affairs and operate through their agents and proxies.

Since then, humanity has been caught in a cosmic chess game between two opposing factions of extraterrestrials: the Serpent Race and their allies, who seek to enslave and exploit humans; and the Lion Race and their allies, who seek to enlighten and empower humans. Morning Sky claims that this game is still going on today, and that we are approaching a critical juncture in our history. He urges us to awaken to our true origins and potential, and to choose our own destiny.

LA Transcript by robert morning sky is a controversial and provocative book that challenges many of the accepted views on history, religion, science, and reality. It is based on oral traditions passed down by Native American elders, as well as on research done by Morning Sky himself. It is not intended to be taken as literal truth, but rather as a symbolic representation of a deeper truth that can only be accessed by intuition and discernment. It is an invitation to explore the mysteries of our existence and to question everything we have been taught.

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