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What I remember as the general beginning, as, as an image was somehow connecting with the march and then walking down the road in a long line of people. Singing. A new place, a different experience. Again, going through the door of the South and having an experience with the negros of the South. Singing "We Shall Overcome" and "Let the Sun Shine In" and different things. I remember stopping for lunch and seeing a postcard-perfect line of people going off the road into a church. Seeing Dr. Martin Luther King on the back of a pickup and not wanting to bother him, not wanting to intrude on his privacy. There was a feeling that we were wanted, that we were welcome. There was a sense of unity. There were no T-shirts, but people wore straw hats with headbands that said FREEDOM. There was no sense of danger when we first joined the march. 041b061a72

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