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Buy Discount Broadway Tickets

There are seven ways to get discount Broadway tickets for NYC shows and they include Regular Price Tickets, Discount Code Tickets, Lottery Tickets, Standing Room Only Tickets, RUSH Tickets, Secondary Market Tickets and the TKTS Booth. The Broadway show list below contains all the current discount ticket offers available.

buy discount broadway tickets

There are over 14 different types of tickets available to a live Broadway show. The main types are Regular Tickets at Face Value and Discount Code Tickets that are the cheapest options. On our website, we offer four different types of discount Broadway tickets and two non-discounted ticket options for NYC shows.

Regular Price Tickets (or face value tickets) are exactly what the name implies. They are regular, full priced, Broadway show tickets with no discount available. They are tickets from the official ticket source and are sold at a price set by Broadway show producers.

Discount Code Tickets are exclusive promotional offers that we provide that make Broadway tickets lower in price. On our Discount Broadway Tickets page, both Orchestra seats (ORCH) and Mezzanine seats (MEZZ) are listed and are the cheapest priced face value options for each of these tickets are shown..

These tickets have a discount ranging anywhere from 10% off to 70% off the standard face value of Broadway show tickets. Our members can use our proprietary discount codes to purchase these discount Broadway tickets. You can access all of these Broadway discount codes with a purchase of the Broadway ticket guide.

Another ticket option are Broadway Lottery Tickets which are, as the name says, a free lottery to win the right to buy low-priced Broadway tickets. Typically, people enter themselves into the lottery for free and are randomly selected to be able to buy these Broadway show tickets at a great discount. Lottery Tickets are typically the very cheapest way to see a live Broadway show, but people are not guaranteed to win and typically you must enter a few times to win.

Standing Room Only tickets are another cheap way to see a Broadway show, as they are a low-cost option for audience members who are willing to stand for the entirety of a performance. SRO tickets are usually only on the same day of the performance and when all other tickets are sold-out.

RUSH Tickets are the good way to get a seat if you wanted to see a live Broadway show tonight and you can line up at the last-minute. Rush tickets are only offered for Broadway shows on the same day of the performance and when the show is sold-out.

Secondary Market Tickets are tickets that are sold by ticket brokers who make a big profit on the re-sale of Broadway tickets. Ticket brokers are useful as a source in a few different cases; for popular Broadway shows, when ticket inventory is limited or for particularly busy times.

Sometimes, this ticket type may be the only option available. Typically, Secondary Market Tickets are not sold for a discount because the show tickets are already in high demand and brokers are looking to maximize returns.

Some of the most popular shows do not offer any discount Broadway tickets at all. This is simply because the show may be too popular already and there is no need to offer discounts to encourage people to go and see the show.

Conversely, some Broadway show producers actually offer all types of discount Broadway tickets. Producers often cherry-pick their discount types to figure out precisely which discounts are appropriate for their show and the demographic.

When deciding on ticket pricing, producers often take into account other show ticket prices, show revenue, PR and marketing feedback, overhead costs, word of mouth, and the other existing discount Broadway tickets that may be available in the market that they will need to compete with.

There are 40 Broadway shows currently selling tickets, with 32 shows currently performing and 8 new shows opening in less than 120 days.There are 6 shows currently in previews and 26 shows fully open. There are 2 show(s) closing in less than 30 days

When you think of Times Square, your imagination conjures up images of shiny, neon lights and vibrant billboards that sparkle with the promise of mesmerizing, theatrical performances (your first thought may not be about how to get cheap Broadway tickets at the last minute),

Be sure to get up EARLY and arrive at the theater a few hours before showtime (like right when the box office opens), so that you can wait in line for your tickets, which are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will be in NYC in less than 2 months with the fam! Everyone's first time! Already downloaded the TKTS and Today Tix apps. Really wanted to see Aladdin since daughter has already seen Wicked and Lion King, but the price for a family of 5-wowzers!!! Been scouting tickets for School of Rock and they go on sale daily for almost 50% off. Any thoughts on that show? Thinking it may be good for the boys...Eapecially since I'm taking them to Broadway-but Rock music from a classroom...I think they might dig it!!

I'm gonna bookmark this for my next trip to New York! I went a few yrs ago and really wanted to see broadway so without much research I chose The Phantom of the Opera without reading much on it, simply because it was famous. I didn't enjoy it at all! Next time I'll try to catch Wicked or the Lion King!

Occasionally, TodayTix offers digital lottery or rush tickets to select shows. You should check the app or website to learn more about these. Basically, you have the chance to enter to win even cheaper tickets to popular shows through the app. Later in this post you will read more about digital lotteries and rush tickets.

Pro Tip: If you purchase a ticket from TKTS, you can return within 7-days to Ticket Window #1 in the Times Square Booth to purchase additional tickets without waiting in line. Just make sure to bring your ticket stub with you.

Theaters that offer rush tickets (you can find an up-to-date list here) start selling these tickets when the box office opens. Review that list and decide which show you want to go for. Then, double check when the box office opens and where the theater is located. 041b061a72

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