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SMG4 and SMG3 gathered the gang at the Omnia Academy gymnasium to play basketball because SMG4 wanted to show that SMG3 "ain't ballin'". Seeing this being ridiculous, Meggy wanted to leave, however when she was shocked that SMG4 did not pick her for his team, instead choosing Mario, Melony and Bob, she angrily asked him why, to which SMG4 replied that she is too short to be on his team. Out of spite, Meggy joined SMG3's team to prove that she is the best, playing alongside him, Boopkins and Luigi.


The game ended when the shockwave caused Melony to go back to sleep and knocked everyone else, and a victory for SMG3 with infinite points against SMG4's 20 points. SMG4, shocked at his loss, claimed that he is not "ballin'", and Mario, meanwhile, was shocked to see that his brother, Luigi, is "ballin'". 041b061a72

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