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Blackpink Pink Venom Mv __HOT__

The comeback era of Blackpink is finally here as the history-making girl group is all set to drop their new single Pink Venom on August 19th. Prior to the MV dropping, take a look at the international airtime schedule of Pink Venom and all about the streaming goals of the new track below.

Blackpink Pink Venom Mv

Blackpink is famed for breaking pre-existing records with their every new release and establishing a new standard for streaming numbers. At the time when their single Ddu-du Ddu-du was released, it became the most-watched YouTube video in 24 hours with 36.2 million YouTube views. Later, BTS reclaimed the title with their Idol release.

The music video began with Blackpink Jennie making an incredible entrance with her eye-catching outfit. Both items from Alaïa, Jennie wore a blood-red sheer bodysuit paired with a matching flowy mini dress.

Did she even comment that? This video and another one have like over 200k+ views and fans are STANNING in comments saying "thx Gaga for your friendship and supports of Blackpink" but is it real? Either way its good. We will get the Blackpink fans support for Gaga's new lead single whenever it comes

BLACKPINK held a livestream through YouTube on August 19 at 12pm KST.[3] During the stream, the group introduced their new digital single, "Pink Venom". They also talked about the behind-the-scenes of filming the music video, gave spoilers about their second full-length album, play games, and answered questions sent by fans.[4] On August 17, YG Entertainment unveiled a schedule for the group's "Light Up The Pink" campaign, in which several landmarks worldwide will be lit up pink to promote the song starting August 18.[5] The group performed the song at the 2022 MTV VMAs on August 28, making them the first K-pop female act in history to do so.[6] A pre-recorded performance was also aired the same day at Inkigayo.[7] 041b061a72

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